October 7, 2021

Welcome to YTP’s Studio!


You guys…I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS REAL!!! I remember daydreaming of opening up a studio but felt so far away. I am finally here and to be honest a little nervous.

After 5 years working from home, I came to the conclusion I had outgrown the limitations of working within my personal space. Didn’t matter how much furniture I moved around, or how creative I got with storing things away, I felt confined. So much so that I started leaving my equipment in my living room for days on end even when we had company.

It started to get exhausting and demotivating. It pulled away from the excitement I felt before sessions. Well, now I feel like I can breathe again and have more mental room for creativity and not worry about making a small space a safe & efficient work environment.

I want to share some before & after photos to bring you behind the scenes of what it took to make the studio into what it is today.

There used to be a wall dividing this space. You can tell by the white outlines on the floor.

I had the walls painted, new LVT flooring throughout and a wall installed to separate the studio from the office.

Moved in all my business belongings, got a couple of furniture pieces and voil√†, the studio is now complete! Well, there’s still little tweaks left and possibly more to come as I get used to the space but I am officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

Photo studio
The shooting area a.k.a. where the magic will happen.

I LOVE how the late afternoon sunlight beams into my space. I’m already brainstorming how to incorporate it into my photography.

Well guys, what do you think? I am overwhelmed with emotions but in a very good way. I can’t wait for my first session in just 2 days and for many more to come.

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